Gain access to high-performance and fully multi-threaded test commands.

Put your FIX test scripts on steroids with advanced test commands designed to stress-test, measure latency and collect session statistics.

[ETP FIX Performance Package is an add-on module to ETP Studio for FIX]

At a time when predictable performance is a requirement for all mission-critical financial systems, Esprow ETP Performance Commands provide a comprehensive toolset to execute stress testing and latency measurement of any FIX-based system. They are optimized to fully exploit
multi-core architectures to achieve unprecedented message rates up to 20,000 messages/seconds and collect real-time session statistics.

ETP FIX Performance Package is an ever-growing package of testing commands that reflect the feedback and requirements of our existing users. Join our community of like-minded FIX experts and help us drive the technical roadmap of this unique and exciting testing toolset.

Features Overview

Here below is an overview of the functionality available and being currently delivered:

  • Pre-load production FIX log files and replay them at variable speeds up to 20K messages/second
  • Perform real-time tag/value substitutions during replay
  • Apply message templates in real-time during replay
  • Replay at constant rates or at the original message rate
  • Configure powerful regular expressions to extract FIX strings and timestamps from log files
  • Collect session statistics in real-time
  • Collect statistics from multiple concurrent FIX sessions
  • Generate reports from the statistical data collected
  • Build your own data reports with ETP Studio Java SDK

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