Streamline manual on-boarding of FIX counterparties

ETP FIX On-Boarding Package puts a powerful toolbox in the hands of in-house on-boarding specialists.

On-boarding new and existing FIX counterparties need not be a tedious and prolonged process. Esprow ETP FIX On-Boarding Package supports and enhances the role of in-house on-boarding specialists with a toolset that facilitates their job.

It is a feature-rich set of certification commands used to re-create the certification script step-by-step. A counterparty then initiates a FIX session, follows the instructions of the on-boarding specialist, while the certification script checks that all FIX messages and fields are correct and follow the agreed rules of engagement. Log files are also retained for audit and compliance, thereby streamlining and documenting the entire process.
Esprow ETP FIX On-Boarding Package supports the following functionality:

  • Monitor and validate connectivity between a counterparty and your trading architecture in real-time.
  • Receive inbound flow directly on your PC for real-time analysis and validation.
  • Execute detailed checks on incoming FIX messages and tags.
  • Support telephone-based on-boarding with automated validation of FIX messages.
  • Retain on-boarding log files for audit and compliance.
  • and many more features...

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