A power UI tool for replaying FIX and non-FIX log files for session testing.

Replay the production log files of any size, at any speed, to investigate product issues on client connections.

The FIX Log Replay Manager lets you replay log files directly from your FIX systems, as an effective way of reproducing failures that occur during production sessions. With auto-delimiter identification, real-time tag substitution, and timestamp synchronization, the FIX Log Replay Manager is the best companion tool for any FIX specialist supporting production connectivity from buy-sides and exchange members. With unlimited message caching and custom decoders, there is no limit to the size and types of log files that can be replayed, including concurrent replay over multiple sessions.

ETP Studio for FIX - FIX Market Data Manager

FIX Log Replay Manager

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FIX Order Manager

Replace your FIX-based trading client with a versatile order management system to enter, amend and cancel orders, manage executions, examine and modify FIX messages before they are sent downstream; edit tag values and even create unknown FIX tags to effectively exercise your FIX API, including malformed messages.