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The FIX Orchestra server
The only tool you will ever need to manage your FIX API specifications.

ETP S-Box is a central repository to create, browse, manage, share, and export API specifications for FIX and non-FIX protocols.

Financial institutions need to manage many types of message specifications. For example, FIX message specifications for different trading venues, binary protocol specification for exchanges they connect to, and FIX API specifications for individual clients. ETP S-Box provides a centralized repository that makes it easy to store and share message specifications used across the company.

Users can browse a list of all specification available and drill down into the definition of messages and fields. They can edit, share, and export to PDF, Excel, and other formats. ETP S-Box also offers a REST API to import message specifications programmatically into other systems, like FIX engines and exchange line handlers.

ETP S-Box is a must-have for anyone wanting to centralize management of FIX and non-FIX (including proprietary) message protocols specifications to avoid duplication and save time.

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Dictionary Browser & Editor

Visually browse, search, and edit FIX Orchestra dictionaries.
A powerful central repository for teams across the enterprise to store and manage the rules of engagements of their financial APIs. Whether your protocols are based on FIX or not, ETP S-Box provides you with a powerful environment to build and manage API specification based on FIX Orchestra.

Document Editor

RICH markdown editor for FIX specifications, with FIX dictionary integration to keep them up to date.
For stock exchanges and brokers that produce PDF versions of their API specifications, ETP S-Box provides them with the most innovative document editor in the industry, capable of producing specification documents that are always-up-date to the latest FIX dictionary.

Additional Features

  • Visual diff and merge and collaborative reviewing of changes across specification versions.
  • Configurable profiles to export different variants of the same specification in configurable ways.
  • Browser for read-only specifications received from counterparties (for specification takers).
  • Log-files parser and visual display of message structures from log files.
  • Integrated with Esprow’s ETP Studio and ETP C-Box for automated testing and onboarding.
  • Enterprise features like groups, permission, single-sign-on, and audit trails.
  • Cloud and on-premises deployment.
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