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ETP Studio for FIX
The industry's easiest to use and most feature-rich testing tool for FIX

ETP Studio for FIX is the only toolset you will ever need to test your FIX connectivity. Simple to deploy and simple to use.

It is designed with simplicity in mind so you can carry out FIX testing in almost no-time at all. It is also designed to satisfy the requirements of demanding technical users requiring powerful and configurable testing commands.

Whether you are a QA tester, a developer or in the FIX on-boarding team, you will find your perfect toolset in ETP Studio for FIX. With its modular architecture you only see the tools you need, leaving all other complexities out. Or you can power-up your toolset by adding plug-ins with advanced testing features.

Here is a high-level list of its capabilities:

Regression and functional testing

Achieve complete regression testing of FIX sessions before every release. Connect and test individual services provided by different business modules.

  • Standard Trading Workflows
  • Custom Trading Workflows
  • FIX Engines and Bridges
  • Market Data Providers
  • Post-Upgrade Checks
  • Post-Migration Checks
  • FIX-Based Trading Platforms
  • Service Providers’ FIX Interfaces

Exercise 100% of your business functionality, across the trade lifecycle and trading functions. Verify functionality verticals provided through FIX and across business areas.

  • Order Entry, Execution and Booking
  • Principal and Agency Trading
  • High-Touch STP Chain
  • DMA STP Chain
  • Position Keeping
  • Order Routing
  • Algorithmic Trading Frameworks
  • Back-Office/Settlement Systems

Test the integration of FIX-enabled systems within the trading architecture. Verify trading limits, fail-over scenarios, authorized transactions and mission-critical capabilities.

  • Counterparty & Market Connectivity
  • Down-Stream Systems (Middle & Back Office)
  • Global Order Management & Routing
  • External Interfaces (MD, MQ, JMS, etc.)
  • Trading Limits
  • External Access Control / Permissioning
  • Pre-Trade/Post-Trade Checks
  • Fail-Over Scenarios

Exhaust system bandwidth over multiple FIX sessions to test performance and resiliency. Cross-check consistency of static reference data with transactions and SQL queries.

  • Prevent performance degradation
  • Verify consistency of Reference Data
Rich selection of functionality modules
The most comprehensive tool for FIX testing
Check out this non-exhaustive list of more than 50 features available in Esprow ETP Studio for FIX:

Manage all FIX dictionaries and rules of engagements from one single location. Share them with your team and store them in source control.

  • Support for all FIX versions
  • Custom Dictionary Formats
  • FIX Dictionary Editor
  • Auto-Propagate Dictionary Changes to Tests
  • QuickFix Dictionary Format
  • FPL Unified Repository Dictionary Format

Start ETP Studio up and begin testing. Open a session and send messages to it, sourcing them from templates or from log files.

  • Ad-Hoc FIX Message Sender
  • Session Manager with Log Files Replay
  • Multiple Concurrent FIX Sessions in Simulator
  • Send FIX Messages On-The-Fly
  • Shareable Global Sessions (In/Out)
  • Interactive GUI Testing
  • Support for ATDL Files
  • Rendering of ATDL XML GUI Files
  • Log Files Replay with Filtering and Throttle
  • FIX Market Data Subscriptions

A powerful set of reporting features covering FIX test specifications and test results.

  • Rich HTML Test Execution Reports
  • Generate PDF Specifications from Tests

Leverage smart wizards that automatically generate test unit or simulators from your production log files.

  • Build FIX Tests from Log Files
  • Build FIX Simulators from Log Files

The industry most powerful and easiest to use editor to build FIX tests and simulator, but also to run and debug them.

  • Test Debugger with Breakpoints
  • Grouping of Test Commands
  • Build Tests with Drag & Drop of Commands
  • Layerable Message Templates
  • Sub-Commands (Sub-Routines)
  • Static and Dynamic Variables
  • Custom & External Test Commands
  • For-Loop, While-Loop, If/Then/Else, Switch
  • Validate FIX Response Messages
  • Validate FIX Fields Formats and Syntax
  • Simple Management of Repeating Groups
  • In/Out Queue X-Ref Functions
  • In/Out Message Queues
  • Inject Dynamic Data into Tests

With ETP Studio modular architecture your toolbox keeps growing at every release with new exciting plug-ins.

  • Embedded FIX Exchange Simulator
  • Exchange Simulator Auto-Ack/Reject/Fills
  • Embedded FIX Order and Execution Manager
  • Configurable Transports (TCP, MQ, etc.)
  • Simulate 3rd-Party and Broker APIs
  • Report Generators

ETP Studio uniquely supports multiple concurrent FIX sessions, multiple concurrent protocol connectors and message rates up to 20K msg/sec.

  • Multiple Concurrent Sessions per Test
  • Concurrent Incoming and Outgoing Sessions
  • Message rates of 5K÷20K message/sec
  • Session Statistics Generator

ETP Studio integrates seamlessly with databases, source control systems, continuous integration systems, and more.

  • Integrated with Source Control Systems
  • Production Log Files Replay
  • Execute SQL Queries from Tests
  • Fetch Message Data from Excel with VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP
  • Capture Messages from NIC, Log Files and ESB
  • Integrate it within your CI/CD pipeline with a command line interpreter
  • FIX Log Files Importer
  • Full support for ISO 20022 messages
Enterprise-Grade Reporting Capabilities with ETP R-Box integration

ETP Studio integrates with ETP R-Box, an enterprise-grade QA test-reporting server.

QA teams can upload results of their tests automatically from ETP Studio to ETP R-Box to store, browse, and share QA reports on the health of their systems.

Access can be provided to project managers and to compliance/audit teams to keep up-to-date on the quality assurance practices of the firm and to generate reports in various formats, including MS Excel and PDF.

Migrating from a Third-Party FIX Testing Product? We have you covered.

Leverage Esprow's engineering services and expertise to carry out your migration seamlessly.

Regardless of which FIX testing tool you are using, we can migrate your existing suite of test scripts to ETP Studio automatically with our migration technology.

For some third-party products we are able to automate the migration and deliver your migrated test base within days. In other circumstances our Engineering and Professional Services will collaborate with you to plan and execute the quickest and most cost effective migration strategy.

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