Working At Esprow

Esprow is a company dedicated to guaranteeing the stability and reliability of financial markets. Our commitment – delivering cutting-edge technology to automate testing and compliance of financial systems – is at the core of everything we do. Voted one of the fastest growing start-ups in Asia, we provide our clients with the tools they need to deliver mission critical financial applications quickly and reliably, while aligning our technology roadmap to their most pressing needs.

At Esprow, you will have the opportunity to expand your skillset and be part of an organization that is focused on entering new regional markets, launching innovative solutions and challenging the status-quo. Our ever-growing list of clients includes tier-1 banks, stock exchanges and brokers, providing our employees the opportunity to gain meaningful on-the-field experience, interact with global market players, push to create innovative solutions and have a direct impact on our company’s direction.

Esprow is a place where independent thinkers can channel their energy and entrepreneurship toward achieving their careers goals. Providing first-class services and solutions to our clients is integral to our culture, while a culture where everyone can speak their mind openly comes directly from our management. We don’t need a rigid corporate structure. We know our roles and responsibilities and collaborate with one another to achieve common objectives.

To our employees Esprow is more than a place where to fulfil their career goals. It’s a platform to grow as industry professionals and as individuals. Where-to-go-next is our constant focus.

We’re looking for dynamic, multi-talented people who have a desire to thrive in a forward-thinking culture and a business with global reach. Are you ready for the challenge?