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Francesco is the founder of Esprow, a multi-national FinTech company with offices in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Pune, and St. Petersburg.

Francesco self-funded and bootstrapped Esprow in Singapore, without external investments. In less than 6 years he grew Esprow from a 2-people company in a room on the outskirts of Singapore to a global market-leader in automated testing of financial systems. Esprow's clients include global marquee investment banks, national stock exchanges, and tier-1 equity broker/dealers in New York, London, the EU, Asia Pacific, and Japan. Consistent double and triple digits growth throughout the company's history.

Francesco is both a technologist, with a BEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, specializing in neural networks applied to speech recognition, and a business person. He has deep on-the-field experience in both technology and business: software design & development (Java, C++), and product development. He has spearheaded, secured, and negotiated global IP licensing agreements with bulge-bracket banks across the globe, and experience defining business strategies, bringing products to market, C-suite enterprise sales, global IP licensing, and negotiations. He has incorporated, grown, and managed Esprow's subsidiaries in multiple global jurisdictions, spanning from American LLCs to Japanese KKs, and a lot in between. Francesco has the confidence and unrelenting drive to build Esprow's business from the ground up - from idea to profitability. Commitment, focus, and vision is what he brings to Esprow. His mantras are: quality over quantity - integrity over profitability - the right way over the easy way - the journey is the reward. "Everybody in my team is much better than me at doing what they do - that's why I hired them."


Federico is expert in financial regulation, corporate governance and regulatory compliance. He draws on his accomplished background and experience to advise on a range of strategic policy areas including financial services, regulation and operations.

As an international executive with over 15 years’ experience in financial services, Federico has held very senior roles in London and Singapore working for prime global investment banks like Barclays Bank, Goldman Sachs & Co and UBS AG. Federico graduated from ESCP Europe with a Master’s Degree in Management.