Discover how end-to-end multi-protocol testing delivers a competitive advantage

Explore the most comprehensive framework to automate testing of multi-protocol financial applications.

ETP Studio is a modular environment to create rich test scripts that test your systems' APIs. You can use many of its protocol adapters to enable the same functionality across many technologies, like FIX, TIBCO, MQ, JMS and any other transport or codec used by your applications.

With a wealth of test commands, and even custom packages of commands, you can use ETP Studio to realize truly end-to-end testing of complex architectures. For example, you can test your straight-through-processing chain to simulate incoming client flow, exchange flow and liquidity providers to execute and test complex business scenarios.

Here is a high-level list of its capabilities:

Regression and Functional Testing

Achieve complete regression testing before every release. Connect and test individual services provided by different business modules.

  • Standard Trading Workflows
  • Custom Trading Workflows
  • FIX Engines and Bridges
  • Market Data Providers
  • Post-Upgrade Checks
  • Post-Migration Checks
  • Trading Platforms
  • Service Providers' Interfaces

Unit and System Testing

Exercise 100% of your business functionality, across the trade lifecycle and trading functions. Verify functionality verticals across business areas.

  • Order Entry, Execution and Booking
  • Principal and Agency Trading
  • High-Touch STP Chain
  • DMA STP Chain
  • Position Keeping
  • Order Routing
  • Algorithmic Trading Frameworks
  • Back-Office/Settlement Systems

Integration and Security Testing

Test the integration your systems within the trading architecture. Verify trading limits, fail-over scenarios, authorized transactions and mission-critical capabilities.

  • Counterparty & Market Connectivity
  • Down-Stream Systems (Middle & Back Office)
  • Global Order Management & Routing
  • External Interfaces (MD, MQ, JMS, etc.)
  • Trading Limits
  • External Access Control / Permissioning
  • Pre-Trade/Post-Trade Checks
  • Fail-Over Scenarios

Performance and Static-Data Testing

Exhaust system bandwidth over multiple FIX sessions to test performance and resiliency. Cross-check consistency of static reference data with transactions and SQL queries.

  • Prevent performance degradation
  • Verify consistency of Reference Data

Explore the list of supported protocols from the right-hand side menu or contact us for more information.

List of Message Formats, Protocols, and Platforms.

Message Formats.

  • FIX
  • FAST
  • ITCH
  • OUCH
  • JPX Arrowhead
  • HKEX Orion
  • Euronext UTP
  • XML
  • XML Schema
  • ISO 8583
  • ISO 15222
  • ISO 20222
  • SOAP
  • JSON
  • Fixed Length
  • Bytes/Binary


  • JMS
  • FIX
  • FAST
  • SoupBinTCP
  • JPX Arrowhead
  • HKEX Orion
  • Euronext UTP
  • MQ
  • FTP
  • JDBC
  • ODBC
  • SOAP
  • TCP/IP
  • XPath
  • DB2


  • JMS Providers
  • WebSphere MQ
  • ActiveMQ
  • GlassFish MQ
  • IBM WebSphere MQ (MQ Series)
  • JBoss JMS
  • Open Message Queue (OpenMQ)
  • TIBCO Rendezvous
  • Fidessa OpenAccess
  • Sun JMS
  • Other JMS Providers

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