Esprow releases support for OUCH and ITCH protocols in ETP Studio.

This new functionality delivers wider end-to-end testing of financial systems based on OUCH and ITCH, including support for SoupBinTCP session management and the GLIMPSE protocol, according to the Managing Director, Francesco Lo Conte, who heads up Esprow Sales & Marketing in Asia Pacific.

January 23rd 2017
Esprow Unveils New Tokyo Office

The new office in Tokyo, will provide a base for Esprow’s sales, support and development operations in the country, and will give the company a platform for further Japanese growth and product localization, according to Managing Director, Francesco Lo Conte, who heads up the Japanese team.

March 14th 2016
Esprow's Nozomi ETP integrates SWIFT MT/MX messaging standard

Esprow’s Nozomi ETP already provides users with automated testing of financial applications across a growing number of industry protocols. In line with its stated technology roadmap of expanding protocol support to a growing number of business areas today Esprow has announced integration of the SWIFT MT and SWIFT MX messaging standards within the Nozomi ETP suite of applications.

August 5th 2014
Esprow’s Nozomi Enterprise Testing Platform selected by Nomura for automated testing of financial applications

Esprow Pte. Ltd. has today announced that Nomura Securities, Japan’s leading investment bank, has selected the Nozomi Enterprise Testing Platform (Nozomi ETP) for automated regression testing of financial applications.

1st November 2013